Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: CCbaby's Cashmere Nose Wipes

So I have had the opportunity to try and test out and am looking forward to trying more and testing out products by CCbaby. Today's review is:

CCbaby: Cashmere Nose Wipes

I have already done a review for CCbaby's baby legs so many of you may have heard about her through me already. Today's product I am reviewing are her cashmere nose wipes.

What are cashmere nose wipes? These are upcycled scrap pieces from cashmere sweaters that are surged around the edges to keep them from fraying and are used a reusable tissues.

Here is a picture of the ones I am reviewing:

Review: CCbaby Baby Legs    A
I have been testing these for about a week now, my daughter and I have both used them. They are very soft to touch, much better than grabbing a generic tissue thats for sure! My daughter normally runs when we grab a tissue because they are so rough on her nose making it redder than it already was. These she carries in her coat pocket to school with her and uses them on her own without complaint. So if my child can use them and not complain then I think we are good to go! LOL.

We have thrown them in the washer already and they have held up nicely, very durable, well sewn. No issues thus far.

What I Liked Most: These are very practical. I am ALWAYS running out of tissues or the kids take them and use them for other things and we never have any. These are small enough to fold up in your purse or pocket. They are handy and reusable.

Any dislikes: The only thing I don't like and it really isnt a huge factor, is I wish they were more closely the same size so that I could find a case to put them in for storage. Most are square or rectangle, but I did get one triangle shaped one. I would love them all to be cut similar that way you can put them together in a case of some sort to carry them easily. But has nothing to do with function, which is great. 

Shipping & Ordering Notes: the whole ordering process was simple, I emailed her a list of items I was wanting, she invoiced me right away, I paid, and had my items within a week. No hassles at all here.

More about CCbaby:

CCbaby owner and creator is a mom named Janna from Michigan. Janna is a WAHM who not only works a full time job, she is home with her daughter as well and started sewing as a hobby. After making things for herself, then for friends, then for friends friends, CCbaby grew into what it is today!

Items that CCbaby makes: Baby legs, wool diaper covers, scrappy skirties, reusable snack bags, wool longings, cashmere nose wipes, reusable sandwich bags, cashmere scarves, and so much more!

Contact CCbaby:


facebook fanpage:!/ccbabycrafts 

To view her products:

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