Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Sweet Sassy GirlZ Shoppe! Items: Kufi hat, Clip, & Head bands

Review: Sweet Sassy GirlZ Shoppe

About the Business: Sweet Sassy GirlZ Shoppe is owned by Crystal a work at home mom from MS.

What I Love: I love the friendliness offered when placing an order. I ordered a kufi hat, a lot of headbands, and also a little pink fuzzy clip. All came in great condition, my daughter LOVES the headbands and wears them a lot. She loves the array of colors that were available. The clip is very cute and princess like, so of course that would make any princess smile.

What I didn’t like: The only complaint I have is that the Kufi hat was too small. The hat itself is really cute, can easily have clips attached to it. However I did not know that there were sizes, my daughter is almost 4 and this would fit an infant/toddler much better. It was way too tight for my daughter.

Products offered: pre-made and custom made hair accessories

Ordering/Shipping Process: the ordering and shipping process was easy, I order and items were here within a few days. This is by far one of the fastest shipping vendors I have worked with, however all my items were pre-made items, so if you order customs I am sure that would take longer since she has to make them, but I have confidence that they would get there in a timely manner :)

Extra Info the mama wants you to knowWe have bows, mini clips, necklaces, bottle cap images for sale, we take custom image and bow orders !! If you can think it, we CAN make it !!

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Review: Babe's Bowtique & More; items: Clips, Bows, Bow Holder, & Head band

Babe's Bowtique & More: A
About the Business: For some reason I can no longer find the webpage for this vendor, if anyone has it please let me know so I can update this info.

What I love: I love the bows, headbands, and the clips! Everything has held up well, my daughter enjoys wearing them to school, she loves the bright colors used, and loves that they are pretty.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I did not like, and it may not be a problem for most people, was that the bow hanger is very light the wood is very thin, I just prefer thicker heavier wood for a bow hanger. But it is a really cute design and well put together.

Products offered: Babe's Bowtique and More not only offers hair accessories & bow holders, she also offers jewelry and other items as well.

Ordering/Shipping Process: Shipping was a breeze and was done quickly, one of my items was left behind and was sent a day or two later, when it did not show up here within a week and I told her she looked into it and found there was a fire at the PO and she made another and sent it right away. Had everything in time for Christmas like I had wanted.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Business Name: Wildflower Patch  A++

About the Business: Mandy is the stay at home mom who created Wildflower Patch.

What I love: Everything about this felt food. My kids play with it for hours! They have had them for 2 months now and all are still very well intact with no issues at all, and my kids play rough.

What I didn’t like: Haven't found anything I do not like so far.

Products offered: felt food, hand bags, cloth wipes, nursing covers, unpaper towels, clothing & more.

Ordering/Shipping Process: very simple, placed my custom order (it was a large order as you can see from the pics) got my order in 2-3 weeks.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: CCbaby's Snack Bags

Opinionated Mamas Reviews
Business Name: CCBaby 

Item: Snack Bags

Grade: A
About the Business: Janna is the owner and creator of CCbaby products. Janna is a WAHM of 1 little girl, but also has a full-time job working from home as well. She is based in Michigan.

Today's item I am reviewing: Snack Bags. These are great for packing snacks in to take on the run for your lunch at work, for car trips with the kids, or even to put small left over fruit snacks, crackers, ect in the refrigerator if need be.

Here is a picture of some of the ones I have received from CCbaby. 

 What I love: I love that she offers different sizes. The small ones are great for fruit snacks, cheerios and other small snacks for children to tote around. The larger size is great for longer road trips or for bigger snacks. My kids are big eaters so we have to tote a lot of snacks with us when we go places and we are going to be gone for a couple hours, the bigger ones are perfect for this. 

                               I also love that they are lined inside so the crumbs and stuff stay inside the bag and do not seep through. Anything that keeps my kids cleaner is a PLUS! 

                               The sewing and craftsmanship of these bags are great. I have had no problems with them coming apart, coming unsewed or anything even after several washes.

                              Another thing I love is the variety of designs. There was something to fit each of my childrens personalities. They each have their own bags and they LOVE it.

What I didn't like: The only complaint I have about these and it really isn't a big complaint, is the velcro closure. I love it because it is easy for the kids to do themselves, but washing them is a task. If you wash them regular, the velcro closes and it doesn't always get all the crumbs out of the inside, if you turn them inside out in the wash the velcro gets stuck to everything else. But I did find that if you rinse them out first getting all the crumbs out before washing, you can throw it in the wash regularly and they come out great. 

So if I had anything to suggest for her trying is maybe some with zipper closures. The price may be higher for that since zippers cost more, but it may be an option as well. 

Products offered: CCbaby offers a variety of products from snack bags like these, to leg warmers "baby legs", cashmere nose tissues, cashmere scrappy skirts (I don't own one of these yet, but they look adorable), and she is always coming up with new ideas.

Ordering/Shipping Process: CCbaby's shipping is fabulous. I had her custom make one of my snack bags and the others I bought from stock, but I have never been disappointed with her shipping or turnaround time. She is quick to answer emails and also quick to ship. If there is a problem I fully believe she would let you know asap if it were going to be delayed.

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Check her out. I think you will be very happy if you place an order with Janna @ CCbaby!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: Rose Buds Bow Shop: Bow

Business Name: Rose Bud's Bow Shop   A+

About the Business: Rose Bud's Bow Shop is owned by Erica a mom of a little girl in Virginia. 

What I reviewed: I won a bow from Erica and she sent me one to review as well. Here are the items I am reviewing. 

 What I liked: These bows hold up very well. My son has gotten a hold of them and they are still holding up. The glue came undone from the clip, but it was an easy fix. I love that the Christmas bow, you can take the tree off and have a bow and a clip. It is very cute and you can add the clip to a headband or hat if you like. Gives you more options to wear it and have different style. Now the white bow my daughter wore once and lost on the school bus so I can't say too much about that one :(

What I didn’t like: I have not found a down fall to this bow yet :)

Products offered: Erica offers a wide variety of bows, headbands, and little girls accessories. 

Ordering/Shipping: The entire process of working with Erica was a pleasurable one. She is quick to answer questions, quick to ship. I have no complaints.

Extra Info the mama wants you to know: "I want to provide a quality product  at an affordable price. I would not sell you something I wouldn't let my own little girl wear. I sew and glue my bows in place. I love doing custom pieces as well.

And to help your pockets, the more you purchase the bigger the discounts get!" This comes from Erica's website.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

It's never too late to follow your dreams! This Opinionated Mama is far from perfect. I was a statistic. As a high school senior I got pregnant, but I stayed in school and got my diploma. Though I had been accepted to a very good school in my area, I gave up my dreams to take care of my little girl that I would soon be having. A few months after graduating my little girl arrived, and a few short months after that I married her father. The relationship quickly became abusive and I gathered up the courage to leave just 7 months after getting married. Our divorce followed shortly after that.

Then as it always does life kept going on. After 2 long term relationships that went sour, my mom passed away. It never seemed like the right time to try and go back to school and follow my dreams. It was one thing after another as it always is. 

In 2004 I was fortunate enough to meet a great man, together we have pushed each other to become better people over the years. From doing volunteer work together, starting our own church, starting our own small business we always have something going on and continue to push each other to be better people and take the next step in our lives.

In late 2009 I almost lost my dad to kidney failure. Summer 2010, I lost my grandmother to cancer. Through the years I have lost many loved ones, my dad is doing better on dialysis and is hoping to be put on the kidney transplant list soon. It is a constant reminder that life is too short, that we need to take each day as we have it and not put things off because we may not have another day to do it. 

So in a spontaneous decision the other day, my husband and I both decided that it is time to forget about waiting for the right time to follow our dreams, if we continue to wait for the perfect time, it will never happen. So we both took the leap and enrolled in college. Now it is has been a little over 10 years since I have been in school and even more for him. 

Its never too late to turn your life around and follow your dreams, don't let life get you down, take the good with the bad and take the leap! Live each day to the fullest because you never know what lies ahead. 

Until Next Time, 
Mom of Many


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: Tutu Terrific; Bow

Today I will be reviewing a bow that I received from Tutu Terrific. 

Tutu Terrific     A+++

Tutu Terrific is owned by WAHM Jessica from Arkansas. I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica on a couple occasions now and love working with her. Most the items I have acquired were for Christmas presents so I will not be reviewing those yet. But they will come soon after :)

Here is the bow that I am reviewing, Jessica wanted to try something new, with glitz and glam...I sent her some ideas and she was willing to try them out and came up with:

What I like: I love the glitziness of it. There is a TON going on it in, with the patterns and materials. Giving it that unique quality. It is a larger sized bow and can be worn with just about anything. My daughter loves wearing it with all her pink and purple outfits to school. She has worn it quiet a few times already and it is holding up great! 

What I didn't like: I can't find anything so far that I didn't like about this particular bow.

Shipping: my experience with Tutu Terrific was not a normal one therefore my shipping took a little longer. She was custom making this bow for me to review, at the same time I had ordered some things from her most of which were customs as well and asked that everything be shipped together. I also ended up winning some stuff from her as well. So shipping may have taken longer than most, but she was great keeping me updated on all my customs items when they were finished and when she was doing the next. Everything was packaged nicely and shipped together how I asked. She notified me when my package shipped and it was here a couple days later :)

More information on Tutu Terrific:

Facebook page:!/pages/Tutu-Terrific/140139442664651?v=wall

Contact email:

Overall opinion: Tutu Terrific is wonderful, if you are looking for that unique style or love the bottle cap bows and other cute bows. She may just have what you are looking for.