Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: CCbaby's Snack Bags

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Business Name: CCBaby 

Item: Snack Bags

Grade: A
About the Business: Janna is the owner and creator of CCbaby products. Janna is a WAHM of 1 little girl, but also has a full-time job working from home as well. She is based in Michigan.

Today's item I am reviewing: Snack Bags. These are great for packing snacks in to take on the run for your lunch at work, for car trips with the kids, or even to put small left over fruit snacks, crackers, ect in the refrigerator if need be.

Here is a picture of some of the ones I have received from CCbaby. 

 What I love: I love that she offers different sizes. The small ones are great for fruit snacks, cheerios and other small snacks for children to tote around. The larger size is great for longer road trips or for bigger snacks. My kids are big eaters so we have to tote a lot of snacks with us when we go places and we are going to be gone for a couple hours, the bigger ones are perfect for this. 

                               I also love that they are lined inside so the crumbs and stuff stay inside the bag and do not seep through. Anything that keeps my kids cleaner is a PLUS! 

                               The sewing and craftsmanship of these bags are great. I have had no problems with them coming apart, coming unsewed or anything even after several washes.

                              Another thing I love is the variety of designs. There was something to fit each of my childrens personalities. They each have their own bags and they LOVE it.

What I didn't like: The only complaint I have about these and it really isn't a big complaint, is the velcro closure. I love it because it is easy for the kids to do themselves, but washing them is a task. If you wash them regular, the velcro closes and it doesn't always get all the crumbs out of the inside, if you turn them inside out in the wash the velcro gets stuck to everything else. But I did find that if you rinse them out first getting all the crumbs out before washing, you can throw it in the wash regularly and they come out great. 

So if I had anything to suggest for her trying is maybe some with zipper closures. The price may be higher for that since zippers cost more, but it may be an option as well. 

Products offered: CCbaby offers a variety of products from snack bags like these, to leg warmers "baby legs", cashmere nose tissues, cashmere scrappy skirts (I don't own one of these yet, but they look adorable), and she is always coming up with new ideas.

Ordering/Shipping Process: CCbaby's shipping is fabulous. I had her custom make one of my snack bags and the others I bought from stock, but I have never been disappointed with her shipping or turnaround time. She is quick to answer emails and also quick to ship. If there is a problem I fully believe she would let you know asap if it were going to be delayed.

Contact Info: 

Check her out. I think you will be very happy if you place an order with Janna @ CCbaby!