Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: Rose Buds Bow Shop: Bow

Business Name: Rose Bud's Bow Shop   A+

About the Business: Rose Bud's Bow Shop is owned by Erica a mom of a little girl in Virginia. 

What I reviewed: I won a bow from Erica and she sent me one to review as well. Here are the items I am reviewing. 

 What I liked: These bows hold up very well. My son has gotten a hold of them and they are still holding up. The glue came undone from the clip, but it was an easy fix. I love that the Christmas bow, you can take the tree off and have a bow and a clip. It is very cute and you can add the clip to a headband or hat if you like. Gives you more options to wear it and have different style. Now the white bow my daughter wore once and lost on the school bus so I can't say too much about that one :(

What I didn’t like: I have not found a down fall to this bow yet :)

Products offered: Erica offers a wide variety of bows, headbands, and little girls accessories. 

Ordering/Shipping: The entire process of working with Erica was a pleasurable one. She is quick to answer questions, quick to ship. I have no complaints.

Extra Info the mama wants you to know: "I want to provide a quality product  at an affordable price. I would not sell you something I wouldn't let my own little girl wear. I sew and glue my bows in place. I love doing custom pieces as well.

And to help your pockets, the more you purchase the bigger the discounts get!" This comes from Erica's website.

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