Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And the Baby Is A,.....


I have to be quick with this one tonight as I have a house full of sick people. Since Saturday everyone (except me) in our house has been ill at one time or another, at 4am this morning it started with my husband and at 5am our daughter joined him, these two have had the worst of it and are camped out upstairs resting which is giving me 5 minutes to write this, now that I have everyone else settled and fed.

Well I went for my sonogram this morning and after all the trying decide on a baby name we didnt even need a girl name LOL :) 

We will be having a little boy as it seems, he was very photogenic at least of that area, we could not get a good profile picture though. 

Fun part is we both thought we were having a girl, we even bought a couple girls items that now we no longer need LOL. We will be posting them in our facebook resale album soon.

We thank you all for playing our little name game on facebook as well. Though we didn't end up with a little girl, we loved seeing the votes for the name choice. 

Well I better get back to tending to my sicklings and getting those who are feeling better into bed soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful night :)

Many Blessings.
Mom of Many "The Opinionated Mama"


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