Friday, December 10, 2010

Natural Health Remedies

With the week I have had with everyone in my home being sick I have been thinking about all the home remedies we have been using to either help them or for me to stay healthy when surrounded by so many of sick people. 

The main thing I have been doing this week is disinfecting as much as possible, cleaning up the messes, washing the towels, rags, blankets, sheets, pillows, and clothing as they dirty them. Bathing the kids as much as possible to keep as many germs on them from spreading. 

Using detergant with white vinegar on all the laundry to kill the germs and oders. 

Using white vinegar to clean the floors and beds as well, it takes out the oders and stains, it may smell like vinegar for a little while but it works!

Keeping up the strength in myself, I was drinking plenty of orange juice, though I ate very little I was able to keep up my stamina enough to keep going on my lack of sleep. Vitamin C is a great way to keep your immune system boosted. My poor husband passed out on me with everything he has lost in the first 24 hours, the first thing I did was give him orange juice and herbal tea to build him back up a little, though he wasn't able to hold it in very long, he was able to regain his color and be able to stay alert without passing out on me again.

Other natural things to do when sick, depending on the virus, we use lots of garlic, real garlic not garlic powder or minced garlic in a jar, those just don't work as well. Garlic is great for infections, and helps to kill the infection a lot faster in my opinion then any medications do. 

Natural chicken broth is a great way, to also keep up stamina when you are sick. It gives you the nutrients you need to keep going, but isn't thick and weigh a lot in your stomach. 

I have so many more...but not enough time to write them. But if you are into home or natural remedies I would love to know yours, from your cleaning tips, to your healthy tips. Please go over to the facebook page and comment on the blog post and share them with the rest of us :)

Until Next Time,

Mom of many


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