Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Babe's Bowtique & More; items: Clips, Bows, Bow Holder, & Head band

Babe's Bowtique & More: A
About the Business: For some reason I can no longer find the webpage for this vendor, if anyone has it please let me know so I can update this info.

What I love: I love the bows, headbands, and the clips! Everything has held up well, my daughter enjoys wearing them to school, she loves the bright colors used, and loves that they are pretty.

What I didn’t like: The only thing I did not like, and it may not be a problem for most people, was that the bow hanger is very light the wood is very thin, I just prefer thicker heavier wood for a bow hanger. But it is a really cute design and well put together.

Products offered: Babe's Bowtique and More not only offers hair accessories & bow holders, she also offers jewelry and other items as well.

Ordering/Shipping Process: Shipping was a breeze and was done quickly, one of my items was left behind and was sent a day or two later, when it did not show up here within a week and I told her she looked into it and found there was a fire at the PO and she made another and sent it right away. Had everything in time for Christmas like I had wanted.

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